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Monthly Archive for May, 2010

On Tuesday May 11th beside Innominate Tarn on the summit of Haystacks I asked Sara Simpson to marry me.

She said yes! There’s a romantic story that goes with it but not every story belongs on the interwebs…

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I’ve been to a marvellous party

It was my 40th birthday on Friday and my 40th birthday party on Saturday. Right now I’m sitting at home on Sunday night looking back at a wonderful weekend.
The first treat was Sara’s arrival. Just like at Christmas she arrived to be my best possible present on the big day itself. We just relaxed [...]

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The Which Blair project

Hello?…. Is this thing on??
It’s clear that I’ve been in a bit of a blog blackout for a while. The reason for that is simple: I’ve been knackered. Mostly to knackered too do anything interesting and then if I have, certainly too knackered to write about it afterwards. Most of this year I’ve found work [...]

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