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Monthly Archive for August, 2009

When Alice came out to see me in the first summer I was in Calgary I really wanted to show her something beyond the standard tourist spots of the Rockies. Some reading and googling later I came up with 2 possibilities: Lake O’Hara or Mt Assiniboine. In the end I opted for Lake O’Hara because [...]

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going viral

This video has totally blown my mind. Not only do the stunts defy belief but it was shot in Edinburgh and the soundtrack is a song I really love. A triple whammy!

I think there’s something wonderfully uplifting about seeing somebody do something, whatever it is, brilliantly. Even if you have absolutely no desire to try [...]

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when camping worlds collide

I’ve been meaning to visit my favourite winter wonderland, Fernie BC, sometime in the summer just to see what the ski hill looks like without the snow. Sara and I have also been talking a good game about going camping at some point this summer. When we found a weekend that suited us I knew [...]

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the best place on earth

There is a rather vainglorious and, at least the way I see it, un-Canadian sign beside the highway as you drive into British Columbia. It says “British Columbia - The Best Place On Earth”. Whatever happened to modest stillness and humility eh? If nothing so becomes a man as that then the same goes double [...]

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Well July seems to have passed without much comment here in ateabutnoe-land but in fact it was a pretty jam-packed month. Here is the first in a few catch-up posts
If it’s early July and it’s Calgary then it must be Calgary Stampede time. This year, as well as catching old favourite events like the team [...]

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