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Monthly Archive for March, 2009

two years on

If it’s March 29th then it means that I’ve been in Canada for 2 years now. And it turns out I’m not done with the place yet. I’ve submitted the forms to extend my work permit for another year and last month I officially transfered from ThoughtWorks UK to ThoughtWorks Canada. So I’m now a [...]

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totally ’stoked (again)

I can assure loyal readers that I do still have a job. It’s just that there’s not much to write about or photograph in the life of an Iteration Co-ordinator for a major communications company in NE Calgary. That’s why it looks like I spend all my time skiing.
So anyway, skiing. Done some more of [...]

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no parking

View from my balcony this morning:

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Fernie, mon amour!

Last weekend I managed a cheeky trip down to Fernie for the first time this winter. My special lady friend (who’s called Sara, OK, SARA!) couldn’t make it but I did meet a friend who is a lady, my former housemate Ali Watts who’s doing the Nonstopski thing again:

Not only did I meet Ali but [...]

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Riot Grrls

I work with a bad-ass dude called Ken. Ken’s from LA and one of the things he likes to do in LA is go to Roller Derby. Now he’s working in Calgary and it turns out Calgary has Roller Derby too because he went down there to check it out. I was amazed: in my [...]

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