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Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Why I love being British (part the first)

Listening to Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie via the interweb this evening. They play “Close to me” by The Cure. A few minutes later the following exchange on air…
Mark: Hi to Nick in Todmorden. He writes “I sliced my courgette in time with The Cure. Sounded great!”
Stuart: Lets hope that’s not a euphemism…
What I love [...]

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The folks at InfoQ have put the presentation Dave Robertson and I gave in Toronto online. So if you’ve ever wondered what the hell I do at work here’s Agile Methods and User Centered Design - enjoy! If that’s the word.

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they know me so well

I love weather! I love reading about the weather, watching the weather, thinking about weather. The Cloudspotters Guide is one of my favourite books of recent years. A few years back I auditioned to be the weatherman on the Big Breakfast. My new watch gives barometric pressure readings! My lovely friends clearly know what I [...]

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I’ve been glued today to facebook, flickr and twitter checking out my friends’ pictures of snowy London. The Guardian also did a cool googlemaps mash-up showing snowy scenes sent in by readers. One thing is clear: given half a chance most Brits are desperate to make a snowman! An old-school snowman too - carrot nose, [...]

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