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Monthly Archive for July, 2008

small town alberta

Would you drive an hour and half to see this?

Not just this mind, there’s plenty of others (and there’s more on my flickr site)

All part of the fun of the fair at the “World Famous Torrington Gopher Hole Museum”. It’s world famous so I’m assuming you’ve all heard of it. Apparently if you are a [...]

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The Bow river runs through Calgary and on a summer’s weekend chances are there’ll be loads of rafts and inflatable dinghys enjoying a leisurely float from up by Bowness down to the Zoo. Don’t go beyond the Zoo - there’s a weir and a few people have gone over it but not many have survived. [...]

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One less than 5, one more than 3

Sesame Street is back!

But where is the Count?

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outward bound

This weekend was my first ever proper backpacking trip. I’m a little bit sunburned but not nearly as achey as I was last night after all that walking. Thank God for Vitamin I(buprofen). It was lots of fun if very exhausting and we were super lucky with the weather. The folks we met on the [...]

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I don’t get a great view of the Stampede fireworks from my flat because an appartment building thoughtlessly blocks the view. However tonight I got a superb view of a huge electrical storm over town. I uploaded some video and some sounds to a website called jumpcut.com and here is the result (utterly unembedable in [...]

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my new favourite sport

The Calgary Stampede is back and this time I’m prepared. I gots myself a proper cowboy shirt, a big ol’ belt buckle and of course the boots that Ashley so kindly gave me. But I wasn’t sure I would get a chance to head down to the grounds apart from today so I popped along [...]

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sled island

It may not quite be Glastonbury but Sled Island, Calgary’s own indie-music festival, culminated last weekend with some outdoor concerts a mere 6 blocks from my house. I like it when rock is convenient like that. But like Glastonbury, Sled Island is about more than the music. It’s only the second year of the festival [...]

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head-smashed-in buffalo jump

I’m a big fan of places with crazy names. I’ve always wanted to visit Zeal Monachorum in Devon, perhaps after stopping for tea in Nempnett Thrubwell, Somerset. I’m the guy who took a bus 8 hours north from Winnipeg just so I could say I had been to Flin Flon, Manitoba. And I love other [...]

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