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Monthly Archive for May, 2008

My flat has laminate flooring and my landlord provided me with a stock of brooms, mops and sweeping devices. I broke one this morning but being in a mood for tidying I came up with rather a nifty work-around.

Perfect off-ice training before the next hockey season. Look out for the Euro-dangle!

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I’ve surfed home this evening on a massive wave of 80s nostalgia having seen Son of Rambow - I can’t recommend it highly enough. I took me right back I can tell you… Corona bottles… kids saying “Skill!”… and don’t get me started on my years in the Plymouth Brethren. Happy days.
It also reminded me [...]

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this one’s for Rani

In honour of England somehow winning the last Test…

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Das Boots

As of today, and the kindness of Ms Ashley Bristowe, I own a pair of cowboy boots!

Yee haw!

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school daze

The timing of my trip home was planned to coincide with my 20 year school reunion. I still see quite a few school friends but there are plenty I haven’t seen since 1988 so I was really looking forward to it. It was being organised by my good friend Jig in his capacity as President [...]

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It was when I worked in Twickenham that I first became aware of the London parrots (technically Ring-Necked Parakeets). Playing football after work one day a flock of birds flew over the pitch, it wasn’t till they flew into the sun that I noticed they were a bright electric green. Since then I’ve seen them [...]

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Oh England, my lionheart

I’m back from my week at home. It’s 5am and I’m wide awake so I hope I’ll be back operating on Mountain Time sooner rather than later. It was a great trip and not quite as exhausting as the last time (but close). Random photos are here but this one is a particular favourite:

It was [...]

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homeward bound

I’m heading back home tonight for another flying visit to London. Looking forward to seeing as many friends as possible in too short a period of time. Then next weekend it’s my 20 year school reunion. Will I be the baldest, least married graduate of the Abingdon School class of ‘88?

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Area man rides bike

This is news in the USA: Father takes to bike to save gas

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make that a tripple whammy…

Because now I’m home and on line I find the BNP won a seat on the London Assembly as well. That’s the worst news of all.

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