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Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Calgary Top 10

Today is my one year anniversary of arriving in Canada so I thought I’d do a little retrospective on the best things about living in Calgary.
10. Highway 1 - The Trans-Canada Highway
Dr Johnson once remarked that the noblest prospect a Scotsman ever saw was the high road to England. The same could be said for [...]

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easter shenanigans

I was soooo looking forward to the Easter long weekend and NOT going skiing! Ah the bliss of a lay in and wandering around town basically doing nothing. I also got a chance to enjoy an evening of multicultural sport on Saturday night. While watching Hockey Night in Canada on the telly with the sound [...]

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burning chair

Thursday night Ashley and Turner asked me along to a bonfire at the neighbourhood allotments in Montgomery, an area on the west of Calgary. Apparently it’s something the local community has been doing for the last 20 years for the equinox and other cosmic events.
They had a great fire going and nothing beats looking [...]

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spot the ptarmigan!

Play the exciting new game! How many can you spot?

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Assiniboine Lodge

I was looking at this weekend as the grand finale of my winter sports season. Maybe not the absolute end, because with luck the season will last till May, but this was the big finish. A weekend backcountry skiing at Mount Assiniboine Lodge in Assiniboine Provincial Park in BC with my friends from frisbee playing [...]

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sing when you’re drilling pt2

Re. my previous post about songs at sporting events. Here’s an object lesson from the acknowledged masters of the genre
While we are on the subject of Fernando Torres, how about this for some purple prose
The thing about Torres is that he can make opponents feel old and spectators feel young
Courtesy of Daniel Taylor in today’s [...]

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station x

Heard the one about the Englishman, the Pole, the other Englishman, his Dutch wife, 5 Canadians, a Belgian couple, the woman from Kazakhstan and her mate from Belarus who walk into a ski resort? Me neither, until this weekend but that was the incredibly multi-national group I went skiing with courtesy of the Calgary Outdoor [...]

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sing when you’re drilling

I mentioned I went to see the Flames a few weeks back. It was fun and a thrill to see the big stars up close but you wouldn’t say there was a lot of atmosphere - even though we won. Sure there’s Harvey the Hound who wanders round banging a drum and high-fiving fans:

They also [...]

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regime change!

Only joking…
2008 - Conservative

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alberta decides

It’s a provincial election today. Which way will this hydrocarbon-rich ranching country vote?
Lets look at the last few results and see if we can see a pattern.
2004 - Conservative
2001 - Conservative
1997 - Conservative
1993 - Conservative
1989 - Conservative
1986 - Conservative
1982 - Conservative
1979 - Conservative
1975 - Conservative
1971 - Conservative.
And before that, 36 years of the even more [...]

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