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Monthly Archive for February, 2008

praise be

I’ve had a multi-cultural weekend and a half doing things that Calgary isn’t necessarily famous for. I saw two excellent exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Calgary which isn’t a big space but always seems to put on good shows. I caught up with friends from Toronto over Dim Sum in NE Calgary and best [...]

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welcome to fabulous rossvegas

I love it when things live up to the hype. Like that time a few Christmasses back when Casablanca was on the telly. I’d never seen it and I was thinking it couldn’t be as good as everyone says, but it was! Well last weekend I had the skiing equivalent of finally seeing Casablanca, I [...]

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the metrosexual sports fan

I scored a ticket for last nights game between the Calgary Flames and the Detroit Red Wings. There’s no getting away from it sports fans - the Detroit Red Wings logo is a design classic and their uniforms are to die for.

It looks like the marque of some classic car company. It sounds like a [...]

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this is the year (two point) zero

After a week or so of being unable to blog via Blogger I’ve upped sticks and moved to wordpress.com. I’m not that happy with the look and feel just yet so I will probably keep tweeking it for a while.

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