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nearly there

It doesn’t take much effort, the blogging. But it certainly takes more than I’ve been able to spare these last few weeks so apologies for the scarcity of updates. My mental bandwidth has been maxed out with preparations for moving back to Canada, with work, selling my flat and visiting as many people as possible.
Now [...]

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the five days of Christmas

I hope there’s no bad luck involved in getting your Christmas blogs up after the 6th of January but I say better late than never.
I can safely say I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas this year because on Christmas morning my beautiful girlfriend arrived at Heathrow terminal 3. We had an emotional reunion [...]

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This is England

The fact that it’s taken me three weeks to get around to writing about arriving home says something about what a hectic and turbulent time it’s been. I meant to share my impressions after my first week, and then I was going to do it after week two, and then I was going to do [...]

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I’ve been glued today to facebook, flickr and twitter checking out my friends’ pictures of snowy London. The Guardian also did a cool googlemaps mash-up showing snowy scenes sent in by readers. One thing is clear: given half a chance most Brits are desperate to make a snowman! An old-school snowman too - carrot nose, [...]

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It was when I worked in Twickenham that I first became aware of the London parrots (technically Ring-Necked Parakeets). Playing football after work one day a flock of birds flew over the pitch, it wasn’t till they flew into the sun that I noticed they were a bright electric green. Since then I’ve seen them [...]

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Oh England, my lionheart

I’m back from my week at home. It’s 5am and I’m wide awake so I hope I’ll be back operating on Mountain Time sooner rather than later. It was a great trip and not quite as exhausting as the last time (but close). Random photos are here but this one is a particular favourite:

It was [...]

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