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inscrutable providence

In my last post I mentioned working up in Newton-le-Willows. Obviously it’s world famous as the home of Rick Astley but it has another claim to fame: as the site of the world’s first ever railway fatality on the world’s first ever railway.
Yes folks, opening day of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway 15 September 1830. [...]

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two years on

If it’s March 29th then it means that I’ve been in Canada for 2 years now. And it turns out I’m not done with the place yet. I’ve submitted the forms to extend my work permit for another year and last month I officially transfered from ThoughtWorks UK to ThoughtWorks Canada. So I’m now a [...]

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Canada Post, appallingness thereof

I got a message today from a colleague of mine in Australia. His name is Christopher Johnston and he transfered there last year from ThoughtWorks Canada. He also set up a mail re-direct with Canada Post to have anything sent to the office sent on to his parents address.
It now turns out that for the [...]

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Happy New Year friends. Here’s a lorra 2009 love to you all.
As for last year, I’m going to score myself as 2.5 out of 3 against last year’s resolutions. This year though I don’t have any resolutions I particularly want to make - so I won’t! I do need to decide where I’m going to [...]

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this is the year (two point) zero

After a week or so of being unable to blog via Blogger I’ve upped sticks and moved to wordpress.com. I’m not that happy with the look and feel just yet so I will probably keep tweeking it for a while.

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