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nearly there

It doesn’t take much effort, the blogging. But it certainly takes more than I’ve been able to spare these last few weeks so apologies for the scarcity of updates. My mental bandwidth has been maxed out with preparations for moving back to Canada, with work, selling my flat and visiting as many people as possible.
Now [...]

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the true north

Just back from a highly marvellous 2 weeks in Canada. Quality times with Sara, skiing, friends and lots of olympics. Good times indeed. The ski highlight was definitely our day Cat Skiing with Fernie Wilderness Adventures.

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I’ve been meaning to write an epic post reflecting on my time in Calgary and looking to the future but to be honest I’m knackered! Proper cream crackered: physically and emotionally. But my bags are finally packed and I’ve just got some tidying up to do, drop off a few things at the office and [...]

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It’s been a hectic month. Here is a potted history:
October began, as it always does, on the 1st. I, unusually, was in Edinburgh celebrating with my best friends the 20 year anniversary of starting at Edinburgh University. As well as the reunion party..

I saw my friend Hermione and her lovely son Zac..

and got to stay [...]

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an announcement

In the light of the wonderful adventures I’ve been writing about here recently what I am about to say may make no sense to some people but it’s time to announce I am moving back to Britain in the first week of November.
I can safely say it’s been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to [...]

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Well July seems to have passed without much comment here in ateabutnoe-land but in fact it was a pretty jam-packed month. Here is the first in a few catch-up posts
If it’s early July and it’s Calgary then it must be Calgary Stampede time. This year, as well as catching old favourite events like the team [...]

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the good old cricket game

I played my first game of cricket in nearly 3 years last night, here in yer actual Canada. And now I’m aching. It’s amazing that even when I played fairly regularly cricket hurts more than ice hockey or a hard day’s skiing. I blame the tea.
Anyway back to the game. I was turning out for [...]

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Last week:

This week:

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We had a lovely sun kissed week in Calgary which spurned me on to organising my first hike of the summer. Like last year I wanted to try Nihahi Ridge which is in Kananaskis Country and forms the very front range of the Rockies, where the foothills become the mountains. It’s meant to be a [...]

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a month in review

Springtime in Calgary takes a long time to get going. Here we are at the end of May and still half the trees on my street are bare. Across the city though I would say more trees are in leaf than aren’t so I guess that means spring is over and summer must be here [...]

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