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home is where the art is

Something fantastic has been happening in Calgary this weekend. What’s been so special for Sara and I is that we have been at the heart of it. You see this weekend was the opening (and closing) of The House Project. Curator Caitlind Brown described it as follows:
The House Project is a one-time only group installation [...]

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many are cold, few are frozen

When Sara and I were pondering wedding dates we were originally thinking of a weekend in January. For various reasons that didn’t work out so we started considering February, maybe coinciding with reading week at U of C. February 20th started to look like the ideal date. That was until news of the 2011 Tim [...]

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It’s Christmas Eve and Sara and I are about to head off to Airdrie (Alberta!) to spend the festive season with her sister’s family. Grandma Julie will be there, lots of kids at just the right age to be totally stoked about Christmas and a puppy. It promises to be a lot of fun and [...]

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Alberta Clipper

This week we’ve been treated to a classic Calgary weather switcheroo. Last weekend we were still marveling at such a mild mid-November. I was raking up the leaves from the lawn and going for walks in the autumn sun. Tonight the temperature is heading for -20 and it’s been snowing pretty much non-stop for the [...]

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My pad is really starting to come together at last. Rooms that looked like this a while ago

now look much more civilised.

I’m so happy to be reunited with all the things from my parent’s house in Oxford, particularly the photos of *cough* close family friends…

The house also features the very latest in modern entertainment technology:

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the silent autumn

So my last blog post was about that sweet August snow. If I could have been bothered to get my blog mojo working at all in the last couple of months I would have told you that we then enjoyed a wonderful Indian summer in Calgary in late Sept and early October. Only last week [...]

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Sweet August Snow

The weather this week has certainly been changeable. Tuesday was roasting hot - over 30C I believe. Today it snowed. Admittedly we were 6000′ up in the mountains but it snowed. And it’s still August.
The reason we were out in the mountains in the snow in August was that I wanted to give my new [...]

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So it’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last bloggery. What’s been going on? Let’s see there was that hike, that was nice…

There was that night they predicted that the aurora borealis would be visible over Calgary but no deal because it was cloudy and the lights from downtown Calgary probably don’t [...]

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Good old Cowtown

I’ve been back in Calgary 3 weeks now and I’m feeling right at home. Although I arrived just at the start of Stampede it rather passed me by in the whirl of moving and settling in. I did get to Stampede by proxy though thanks to the Cotton family arriving in town 3 days after [...]

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Settling In

Greetings from Canada! I arrived safe and sound on Sunday afternoon and passed through immigration without mishap and into the loving arms of Sara at the arrivals gate. As it’s Stampede time we were also serenaded by a country band so what could be more fitting.
We managed to manhandle my excess baggage into her car [...]

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