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Another blog silence.What’s been going on? Well let’s see… the weather in Calgary has been very poor, winter dragged on and on and if felt like spring didn’t start till June. What else… Oh yes! I got married! To Sara!! It was great. I’ve been waiting to blog until we got our photos back but [...]

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On Tuesday May 11th beside Innominate Tarn on the summit of Haystacks I asked Sara Simpson to marry me.

She said yes! There’s a romantic story that goes with it but not every story belongs on the interwebs…

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The Which Blair project

Hello?…. Is this thing on??
It’s clear that I’ve been in a bit of a blog blackout for a while. The reason for that is simple: I’ve been knackered. Mostly to knackered too do anything interesting and then if I have, certainly too knackered to write about it afterwards. Most of this year I’ve found work [...]

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