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home is where the art is

Something fantastic has been happening in Calgary this weekend. What’s been so special for Sara and I is that we have been at the heart of it. You see this weekend was the opening (and closing) of The House Project. Curator Caitlind Brown described it as follows:
The House Project is a one-time only group installation [...]

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Another blog silence.What’s been going on? Well let’s see… the weather in Calgary has been very poor, winter dragged on and on and if felt like spring didn’t start till June. What else… Oh yes! I got married! To Sara!! It was great. I’ve been waiting to blog until we got our photos back but [...]

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nearly there

It doesn’t take much effort, the blogging. But it certainly takes more than I’ve been able to spare these last few weeks so apologies for the scarcity of updates. My mental bandwidth has been maxed out with preparations for moving back to Canada, with work, selling my flat and visiting as many people as possible.
Now [...]

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On Tuesday May 11th beside Innominate Tarn on the summit of Haystacks I asked Sara Simpson to marry me.

She said yes! There’s a romantic story that goes with it but not every story belongs on the interwebs…

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the red rose and the wild rose

My first post after getting back to dear old Blighty spoke of my challenges acclimatising. That didn’t last long; after a week or two I was really feeling back in the swing of the things and starting to appreciate what it was I had come home for. It was great to be back with friends [...]

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I’ve been meaning to write an epic post reflecting on my time in Calgary and looking to the future but to be honest I’m knackered! Proper cream crackered: physically and emotionally. But my bags are finally packed and I’ve just got some tidying up to do, drop off a few things at the office and [...]

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going viral

This video has totally blown my mind. Not only do the stunts defy belief but it was shot in Edinburgh and the soundtrack is a song I really love. A triple whammy!

I think there’s something wonderfully uplifting about seeing somebody do something, whatever it is, brilliantly. Even if you have absolutely no desire to try [...]

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the best place on earth

There is a rather vainglorious and, at least the way I see it, un-Canadian sign beside the highway as you drive into British Columbia. It says “British Columbia - The Best Place On Earth”. Whatever happened to modest stillness and humility eh? If nothing so becomes a man as that then the same goes double [...]

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I can’t sleep. I tried to go to bed early because it’s a school night but my mind is racing and I’m angry and frustrated and I can’t settle. Even reading Jasper Fforde isn’t calming me down. Tonight’s euro-elections have got me het up. I’m disapointed, but given the circumstances not completely shocked, that the [...]

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getting better

Well we got 10cms new snow since I last posted and more is forecast for Boxing Day and the weekend so things are looking up. But there are still nasties (not far) under the snow as my beloved skis will attest: they are in the shop as we speak getting a big hole in the [...]

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