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on the twitter

It has been quiet on the blog front recently hasn’t it? There’s a pile of very good excuses reasons for that: principally that I haven’t done much very interesting. And what does the modern man with his finger on the legumes do when he hasn’t done much very interesting? He writes about it on Twitter: [...]

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writer’s blocked

I have come to the conclusion that this writing project I had undertaken is now a forlorn hope, at least in terms of getting it published. Regular phone calls and emails to the publishers have yielded no response and the company website maintains a non-comittal “Under Construction” silence. Sunday was the deadline for submitting my [...]

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Why I love being British (part the first)

Listening to Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie via the interweb this evening. They play “Close to me” by The Cure. A few minutes later the following exchange on air…
Mark: Hi to Nick in Todmorden. He writes “I sliced my courgette in time with The Cure. Sounded great!”
Stuart: Lets hope that’s not a euphemism…
What I love [...]

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I’ve been glued today to facebook, flickr and twitter checking out my friends’ pictures of snowy London. The Guardian also did a cool googlemaps mash-up showing snowy scenes sent in by readers. One thing is clear: given half a chance most Brits are desperate to make a snowman! An old-school snowman too - carrot nose, [...]

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what kind of bloggery is this?

It’s been nearly a month since I last posted anything to ateabutnoe.com. That makes it sound like I’ve been prolifically posting elsewhere but that’s not the case. The case is that I’ve been a bit knackered and a teeny bit under the weather: the double whammy of the changing seasons in Calgary and a quick [...]

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ghana octopus boxing

Put that into Google and you’ll find surely the greatest named Olympian of all time. Prince Octopus Dzanie of the Ghanaian boxing team!

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One less than 5, one more than 3

Sesame Street is back!

But where is the Count?

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I’ve surfed home this evening on a massive wave of 80s nostalgia having seen Son of Rambow - I can’t recommend it highly enough. I took me right back I can tell you… Corona bottles… kids saying “Skill!”… and don’t get me started on my years in the Plymouth Brethren. Happy days.
It also reminded me [...]

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this one’s for Rani

In honour of England somehow winning the last Test…

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school daze

The timing of my trip home was planned to coincide with my 20 year school reunion. I still see quite a few school friends but there are plenty I haven’t seen since 1988 so I was really looking forward to it. It was being organised by my good friend Jig in his capacity as President [...]

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