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no business like snow business

It’s been a long, cold and unusually snowy winter by Calgary standards. In November when the first snow came I lost my car phone-charger. I surmised that I must have dropped it in the snow outside the house. Turned out to be true when last week we had the first thaw large enough to reveal [...]

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the true north

Just back from a highly marvellous 2 weeks in Canada. Quality times with Sara, skiing, friends and lots of olympics. Good times indeed. The ski highlight was definitely our day Cat Skiing with Fernie Wilderness Adventures.

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totally ’stoked (again)

I can assure loyal readers that I do still have a job. It’s just that there’s not much to write about or photograph in the life of an Iteration Co-ordinator for a major communications company in NE Calgary. That’s why it looks like I spend all my time skiing.
So anyway, skiing. Done some more of [...]

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Fernie, mon amour!

Last weekend I managed a cheeky trip down to Fernie for the first time this winter. My special lady friend (who’s called Sara, OK, SARA!) couldn’t make it but I did meet a friend who is a lady, my former housemate Ali Watts who’s doing the Nonstopski thing again:

Not only did I meet Ali but [...]

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steep and deep

The latter half of my week in Jackson Hole at the Steep and Deep camp was great fun. So much fun in fact that I’m wondering when I can do it again.

The first morning was probably the most stressful because having ridden the first tram of the day up to the top of Rendezvous Mountain, [...]

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roaming in wyoming

Greetings from the great state of Wyoming! To some of you Wyoming may make you think of sulphorous old geezers but it’s not just the home of Dick Cheney. It’s also home to some of America’s best skiing, skiing I have been enjoying more than somewhat.

I’m spending a week in Jackson Hole, a resort I’ve [...]

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It may surprise some of you UK-type folks to know that Canadians can’t all take a White Christmas for granted. You’ll be forgetting that the country is 3000 miles wide so a certain amout of variety could be expected even when they do call themselves the Great White North. So it is with quite some [...]

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april brings the cool spring showers

We’ve all been places where the long-suffering locals say “If you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes”. Back home that can be translated as “Is it raining now? It’ll stop soon, and then start again”. These last 10 days in Calgary though have been nuts.
It all started on the Wednesday before last. It [...]

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Assiniboine Lodge

I was looking at this weekend as the grand finale of my winter sports season. Maybe not the absolute end, because with luck the season will last till May, but this was the big finish. A weekend backcountry skiing at Mount Assiniboine Lodge in Assiniboine Provincial Park in BC with my friends from frisbee playing [...]

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station x

Heard the one about the Englishman, the Pole, the other Englishman, his Dutch wife, 5 Canadians, a Belgian couple, the woman from Kazakhstan and her mate from Belarus who walk into a ski resort? Me neither, until this weekend but that was the incredibly multi-national group I went skiing with courtesy of the Calgary Outdoor [...]

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